Our Services

Keyword-based Copywriting

With over 400 million products on Amazon.com, accurate product-listing copy is needed to assure that the Amazon search engine LOCATES YOUR PRODUCT frequently. ListingBaby™ has developed custom software tools to create Amazon product listings based on search keywords that are in demand. We have already written several thousand listings using these tools!

Pricing Guidance

Amazon online sales differ from “brick & mortar” sales – pricing, packaging and package sizes, multi-packs and kits can make a big difference in the bottom line. Competitor-pricing must also be studied, as the on-line customer has many choices. ListingBaby™ has a sophisticated set of custom solutions and models to support intelligent product pricing. Our Excel models let us access real-time Amazon fees to determine the best price/package for your product.

Great Photography

There are several types of photos/graphics that can be included on the left of the Amazon product listing. The Product Image (often called the “Hero Image”) is the main photo of the product. “Infographics” include information (values, reviews, differences, etc.), usually accompanied by favorable pictures of the product. “Lifestyle” pictures show the product being used. ListingBaby™ can produce spectacular photography and graphics to help your product sell more.

Product Videos

A product video gives the Amazon shopper a complete view of the product – with its unique features pointed out as the product revolves. This is very helpful to increase sales; according to HubSpot, including a product video can increase conversions by 80%!

Enhanced Brand Content ( EBC )

Enhanced Brand Content refers to attractively presented ‘free form’ content which can be inserted into the listing and can include many types of graphics media. The EBC feature allows Brand Registered Sellers to showcase the unique value proposition of their products through enhanced images and text placements. Adding EBC to your product detail pages generally results in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales – it allows more brand creativity and dramatically improves the customer shopping experience.

Brand Store Creation

The Amazon Brand Store enables the brand to show a custom “storefront” for their products. The Brand Store promotes brand equity and promotes shopper loyalty – using the opportunity to sell more products at one time.

Custom Video Commercials

These are custom commercials which are generally filmed with live models with custom filming and can include any message the brand wishes to convey.