Our Management Team

The professionals of Albert Scott are experts in creating brand recognition and in building product sales. With years of Amazon experience, we know what it takes to get your products to sell. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers and their businesses succeed.

David Greenblatt


David founded ListingBaby™ after many years on the Amazon platform, He recognized the value of quality listings and built a team that delivers world-class services.

Shlomo Greenblatt


Shlomo is an “Amazon marketing guru” who can clearly explain and manage the strategy of creating winning listings.

Rafi Koegel

VP – Business Development

Rafi understands what type of listing and listing features a product needs to sell more!

Becky Kin

VP – Listing Director

Becky manages the large ListingBaby™ staff that produces our listings and graphics. She is the technical liaison with all brands serviced by ListingBaby.

Rafi Dunst

VP – Operations

Rafi oversees Brand Registration, listing quality and a host of other services that enable our customers to build successful brands on Amazon.com.

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World-Wide Team

Albert Scott has employees around the world. We employ the highest-quality talent for our many services

Our Location

Our corporate office and main warehouse is near Kennedy Airport in Inwood, New York.